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Types of Braces

At Webster Orthodontics, we only use the best materials and state-of-the-art technology for all types of braces.

Thus, we offer a wide variety of braces to fit every patient’s needs:

Types of Braces

1. Metal Braces 

2. Clear Braces

3. “Damon” (or Self-Ligating) Braces

4. Lingual (on the inside of the teeth) Braces

These options provide our patients with the best results and experience possible, including:

1. More Comfortable: Our modern technology allows for gentle, smooth tooth movement in a gradual way. Our patients have more comfort as we straighten their teeth and improve their facial aesthetics. The amount of pressure that a teen patient would experience before with different types of braces is reduced significantly because we don’t have to “tighten” their braces at their appointment. This means that while caring for our patients, they will have minimal soreness when they eat, sleep, and go through their daily activities.

2. Quicker Tooth Movement = Shorter Treatment Times: Because our efficient technology allows us to move teeth quicker and smoother, our treatment times are usually a lot shorter than the average. We are usually able to complete a full treatment in about 18-20 months when the average treatment time is well over 2 years, which means a lot less time in braces to get that beautiful smile!

3. Less Appointments: We know that you and your kids are very busy.  In addition to shorter treatment times, our patients don’t have to schedule as many appointments because of our awesome technology. Our doctor usually sees patients every 5-6 weeks when other offices may want to see you or your teens every 4 weeks. That means you don’t have to take as much time off from work or away from your family and your kids don’t have to be taken out of school as much. You can fit more into your busy schedule!

4. Less Complicated Treatment: We like to keep everything simple, especially for our patients. That’s why our simple, effective technology makes our treatments much less complex. We don’t have to extract teeth as much anymore. We don’t have to use conventional orthodontic appliances. Say good-bye to headgear, “metal jaws”, and other bulky, uncomfortable devices. In fact, we rarely have to use expanders or spacers now. We can still achieve perfect smiles without trying to see how much stuff we can cram into someone’s mouth like in the “old days” of orthodontics. Our philosophy has always been “less is more” in this regard.

5. Easier to Clean: Helping our patients maintain good oral hygiene is one of our top priorities. It’s meaningless to straighten teeth but not maintain the health of the mouth. That’s why our state-of-the-art technology makes it easier for our patients to clean their braces, keep their mouths healthy and keep extra dental visits to a minimum.

6. Fewer Broken Brackets and Poking Wires: Because we use smaller braces and stronger adhesive, our patients have fewer broken brackets and poking wires. This means less emergencies and inconveniences.

7. The End Result: A Beautiful Smile, Improved Facial Aesthetics, & Comfortable Bite: And at the end of the experience, you and your family will have an outstanding result: a beautiful smile, improved facial aesthetics, and a comfortable bite for the rest of your life. THIS IS DEFINITELY PRICELESS!

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