We all know that dentists look after our dental and oral health. But we are not familiar with what orthodontists do. Well, all orthodontists are dentists but not all dentists are orthodontists. 


An orthodontist would have a Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental Medicine degree to start with. However he would also have to complete 2 more years of residency program in orthodontics.

Their job

The art of Las Vegas orthodontics is in providing solutions for proper teeth and jaw alignment. Orthodontists deal with issues of assymetric teeth. They help to straighten your crooked or crowded teeth. Owing to problems of teeth alignment, you might run the risk of developing a disfigured face.

More severe disorders like Temporomandibular joint disorder can also be avoided if you correct your teeth/jaw alignment. Such correction techniques were traditionally only applicable for children but with recent advances in dental science, even adults can opt for orthodontic procedures.

They would use metal bands, plastic trays to realign existing teeth. Or prescribe stretching exercises with tools like rapid palatal expander to broaden the narrow maxillary arch.

When do you need a Las Vegas orthodontist?

If you need specialized tooth care from an orthodontist, your regular dentist will recommend you to visit one. We are usually very scared of dentists but we need not have any worries regarding our visit to an orthodontist. Procedures to treat alignment problems are not painful experiences. Orthodontics deals more with preventive measures rather than prescriptive methodologies.

The tools and devices used in orthodontics repair the problematic area and this in itself prevents future dental problems such as swollen gums, cavities, biting problems, enamel issues.

In case of crooked teeth, plaques are commonplace because the brush or floss cannot reach all the parts of the teeth. You will be able to brush or floss your teeth properly after going through an alignment procedure.