Teeth WhiteningProfessional teeth whitening works faster and more effectively than drugstore products like whitening toothpastes and bleaching kits.

Many people take advantage of the benefits of professional teeth whitening after orthodontic treatment. Teeth whitening after braces allows you to showcase your perfectly-aligned teeth with a stunning smile.

The professional teeth whitening1 procedure is safe and the results can last several years. A single in-office whitening treatment by a dentist typically takes less than an hour and avoids repeat applications of store-bought whitening products.

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

Teeth tend to stain or yellow over time, whether or not you’ve had orthodontic therapy. Teeth also get discolored from:

  • Drinks such as red wine, coffee, and tea.
  • Tobacco use.
  • Certain medications.
  • Poor dental hygiene.
  • Oral injury.

Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening After Orthodontic Treatment

It can be disheartening after lengthy orthodontic therapy to discover your newly-straightened teeth are still spoiling your appearance through staining or yellowing.

Your teeth are also likely to have become stained because proper brushing and flossing while wearing fixed braces is problematic.

There is also the possibility that you will see discoloration due to the placement of the brackets, or your teeth may not have an even tone.

Teeth whitening can fix all these problems, and many people treat themselves to this relatively inexpensive procedure to get a flawless smile after removal of their braces.

Other benefits of professional teeth whitening over store-bought products include:

  • Faster results for an attractive appearance and enhanced confidence.
  • Greater reliability and consistency.
  • Supervision with dentistry expertise to minimize risks.
  • Protection of your mouth.

Why Choose a Dentist to Whiten Your Teeth After Orthodontic Care?

It pays to think carefully about how to whiten your teeth after orthodontic therapy, which may temporarily leave teeth weakened. At-home teeth whitening with over-the-counter products may further weaken your teeth.

Whitening toothpastes can remove surface tarnishing but cannot lighten deeper stains, and typically take up to six weeks to produce any visible effects. Over-the-counter bleaching agents can treat stains that go deeper than the tooth surface but can result in irritation of the gums and increased tooth sensitivity.

The most effective and safest way to get your teeth whitened is by seeking professional treatment. Products available to your dentist contain stronger bleaching agents than you can buy over the counter, and so produce better results.

Medical professionals consider teeth whitening a dental procedure that needs to be carried out by a qualified dentist.

A dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth before any whitening treatment. This makes sure there are no problems that might be aggravated by the whitening process. For instance, any cracks, failing fillings or exposed roots could cause serious problems if exposed to whitening materials.

Professional teeth whitening is also more comfortable because it’s carried out by a dental expert who monitors every step of the process. The concentration and levels of the whitening agent can be fine-tuned as necessary, and other parts of your mouth are shielded for protection.

Health Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Besides aesthetic considerations, professional teeth whitening can boost your oral health.

During pre-whitening examination, your dentist may spot issues with your teeth or gums that you weren’t aware of, and, with the removal of stains during professional whitening, your teeth will become stronger. Your dentist will also give you advice on how you can help to keep your teeth shining after whitening treatment.

Can I Get My Teeth Whitened While Still Wearing Braces?

It’s possible to have your teeth whitened while still wearing braces but dental professionals generally advise against this.

The brackets of braces are glued directly onto your teeth, so whitening treatment with them still in place can reveal irregular coloring and dark spots on your teeth when your braces come off.

Waiting until you complete orthodontic treatment before having your teeth whitened will provide longer-lasting results, with no worries about how your braces may be negatively affecting your whitening treatment – and vice versa.

It’s also advisable to wait several weeks before getting teeth whitening treatment after orthodontic care. This gives your teeth time to replenish minerals that may have been lost while wearing your braces.

During this time, you may find that regular brushing after braces will get rid of many surface stains on your teeth. It also gives your gums time to settle down, which means whitening trays will fit more effectively.

Furthermore, waiting a few weeks will give newly-exposed enamel time to become less sensitive.

Is Professional Teeth Whitening a Good Investment?

Professional whitening may appear to be more expensive than over-the-counter treatments. However, it can work out less costly than having to fork out for multiple whitening products before getting any noticeable results.

Professional teeth whitening represents a sound investment for significantly improving your appearance and self-esteem in the safest way possible.

Teeth whitening by a dentist will get your teeth brighter more quickly. The bleaching agent used by a professional is typically much stronger than that in store-bought kits, and a combination of light and heat may be used to reinforce the whitening process.

The best results – teeth up to eight shades brighter – usually take several 30 to 60-minute visits, although with the help of advanced technology, amazing results can be achieved in one two-hour appointment.

The Icing on the Cake!

Teeth whitening can produce dramatic results when carried out in a dental office or with a take-home kit from your orthodontist while avoiding risks and disappointment.

Professional teeth whitening can lighten both enamel and the underlying dentin, and the procedure can be customized to your individual needs.

Professional teeth whitening after orthodontic treatment will ensure your teeth are as sparkling as they are straight. After all, you’ve persevered throughout the entire braces2 process, so you deserve a Hollywood smile as the icing on the cake!


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