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Finding Affordable Braces in Las Vegas 

Investing into an Orthodontic specialist saves you time and money. When choosing the best Orthodontist for your family, you want to make sure they are credentialed to do braces. 

Going to a General Dentist with skill to place braces may be cheaper, but you chance spending more money in the long run, AND you might not receive effective treatment. Just because you are presented with the least expensive cost option, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the most affordable braces in las vegas?


We know that money can be tight, and may be the reason that most families choose not to get care. But if you start saving little at a time, you will be surprised how quickly money adds up. Do you think you can afford to put aside $20 a month or maybe even a week?

Another suggestion is an early treatment evaluation. You really shouldn’t wait until middle/high school to bring your family in for orthodontic work. This can definitely cut down on the stages of your treatment, and in return save you time and money.

Dr. Webster

Braces really aren’t as expensive as everyone thinks. There isn’t a need to build up anxiety over cost. These days there are so may no-interest payment plans through programs like Care Credit to help you receive the treatment that best fits your needs.

Richard Webster is a Las Vegas Orthodontist and offers affordable braces in Las Vegas. He has a passion for creating beautiful smiles through braces and invisalign


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