Invisalign Teens

Invisalign Teen plastic aligners have been specifically developed for straightening teens’ teeth, and they have many advantages over conventional fixed metal or ceramic braces.

One of the main ways Invisalign Teen benefits teens lies in the fact that the aligners are removable. This means your teen can:

  • Get on with their life without interruption.
  • Eat their favorite foods.
  • Brush and floss as normal.

Another key benefit of Invisalign Teen is that the aligners are virtually invisible – an important factor for self-conscious adolescents.

Invisalign Teen also benefits teens by offering a greater level of comfort than conventional braces, and the aligners can be used to address a broad range of orthodontic problems.

How Does Invisalign Teen Work?

Invisalign Teen works in a similar way to its brand big brother, Invisalign.

Clear plastic aligner trays that resemble a thin mouthguard fit over the upper and lower teeth to ease them into the correct position in a series of precisely timed and regulated movements.

Each aligner in the series – customized with hi-tech software including 3D digital imaging – is worn for about two weeks.

Invisalign Teen also takes into account the development of teenage teeth and jaws. This guarantees the ideal outcome for your youngster’s facial profile.

Invisalign Teen can correct many simple or complex orthodontic problems, including:

  • Crooked teeth.
  • Protruding teeth.
  • Gapped teeth.
  • Crowded teeth.
  • Crossbite.
  • Open bite.
  • Underbite.

The Blue Dot Indicator and Eruption Tabs

Invisalign Teen appliances feature a blue dot usage indicator that changes color to become clear the longer your teen wears their aligners.

The indicator is discreetly positioned at the back of the aligners but it helps you, your teen and their orthodontist to monitor whether the appliances are being kept in place for the recommended 20 to 22 hours a day.

Invisalign Teen also comes with eruption tabs that reserve space for further adult teeth to grow in.

The SmartTrack System

Invisalign Teen has a unique SmartTrack system for a more predictable movement of teeth. The result of several years of research in biomechanics, SmartTrack improves the flexibility of Invisalign Teen aligners to lessen dental pressure while reducing discomfort and straightening teeth more effectively – up to 50 percent faster than standard braces.

Spare Sets of Aligners

A further extra benefit of the Invisalign Teen system is that your youngster will get spare sets of aligners to replace any that get mislaid or lost – and we all know how things have a tendency to go missing when teenagers are involved!

Health Benefits of Invisalign Teen

The removability of Invisalign Teen aligners eliminates the dietary restrictions associated with fixed braces.

Non-removable braces come with a long list of prohibited foods to avoid damaging the wires or brackets.

With Invisalign Teen, your youngster can simply remove their aligners for meals and snacks to eat whatever they want.

This allows your teen to eat nutritious foods such as crunchy vegetables and hard fruits, and a healthy diet is essential for the best outcome from orthodontic treatment.

Some meats that are difficult to chew with fixed braces can also stay on the menu with Invisalign Teen, providing vital nutrients such as protein and iron.

Another way that the removability of Invisalign Teen benefits teens healthwise is that it enables them to brush and floss as normal.

Keeping your teeth and gums clean when wearing fixed braces can be tricky, and food debris may become trapped in the wires and brackets.

Invisalign Teen avoids the heightened risk of tooth decay, gum infection, and sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks. It also decreases the likelihood of bad breath and excessive wear on tooth enamel.

It’s also easy for your teen to keep their aligners clean. They just take them out, brush with toothpaste, and rinse with warm water.

With no metal mechanisms like wires and brackets, Invisalign Teen avoids orthodontic emergencies that can occasionally occur with standard braces.

How Invisalign Teen Benefits Teens’ Self-Esteem

A major drawback of traditional braces for teens is that they can contribute toward feelings of insecurity because they’re conspicuous.

Invisalign Teen will allow your youngster to smile with confidence as their teeth are being straightened.

Being barely if, at all noticeable, Invisalign Teen takes the embarrassment out of the teeth straightening process, during which your teen can enjoy the self-assurance that comes with being able to show off their smile during social interaction.

This is an important consideration during the transitional phase from childhood to adult maturity, and the end result of their Invisalign Teen treatment will be a confident, healthy smile they can take into adulthood.

More Freedom to Get on with Life

Conventional braces can limit teens’ activities because of the increased possibility of damage to the appliances.

For example, taking part in certain sports or playing a wind instrument may be ruled out during traditional orthodontic treatment.

In particular, football, soccer, and hockey or playing a brass instrument may be discouraged when wearing braces.

This problem is eliminated by the removability of Invisalign Teen.

Another way that Invisalign Teen benefits teens by allowing them to get on with everyday life is the greater level of comfort the aligners provide compared with regular braces.

It’s difficult to enjoy even simple activities like reading or watching TV or doing schoolwork if you’re being constantly distracted by a sore mouth.

Made from plastic and having smooth edges, Invisalign Teen aligners avoid the discomfort that can result from protruding wires and broken or loose brackets.

Your youngster may experience some soreness at first and with subsequent new sets of aligners but this typically disappears within a few days.

Invisalign Teen also means fewer visits to the orthodontist. The aligners are customized to a high level of precision, and, unlike standard braces, don’t require ongoing adjustments.

Is Invisalign Right for Your Teen?

From advanced hi-tech features to health advantages and being able to get on with life without embarrassment or disruptions, Invisalign Teen benefits teens in many ways compared with conventional non-removable braces.

This has made these clear plastic aligners a popular alternative to standard orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign can address many orthodontic problems, and an experienced Invisalign Teen provider will be able to help you and your youngster decide whether this state-of-the-art treatment is right for them.