Las Vegas Orthodontist

Webster Orthodontics is a Fun Office 

Not only do we produce beautiful smiles, but we love our orthodontic family to have a lot of fun in the process. That’s why our office is geared towards everyone having an enjoyable experience. Our fun office includes: 

1. Game room: Our game room has a massage chair, ping-pong table, and a full-size arcade machine with over 5000 games on it. People have a blast before and after their appointments. Some even come in on days when they don’t have an appointment just to play our games!

2. Basketball hoop: Being a big sports fan, Dr. Webster has always wanted a basketball hoop in his office. Well, his wish has come true, and he enjoys a competitive game of HORSE when his patients come in.

3. Slushy Machine: There’s no better way to quench our thirst on a hot Las Vegas day than an ice-cold slushy. Strawberry, watermelon, green apple, mango, blue raspberry, blueberry, Piña colada, or mix them. Any choice is delicious.

4. Movies: We always have great movies going throughout the day in our office.

5. Autograph Wall: Our patients get to leave their autograph and message on our game room wall.

6. Patient Appreciation Events: A few times a year, we like to throw a big party to show how much we appreciate our patients. If there’s a cool movie out, we’ll rent out an entire theater and watch it VIP style. Bowling parties, pool parties at the YMCA, roller skating parties, etc are just a few other ways to have a good time with everyone. And these events are not just for patients, but we want you to invite your friends and family as well. The more the merrier!