Dr. Webster with Patient

We just love our patients! But before they’ve become patients, they were just curious and interested in getting braces just like you. During our initial meeting we’ve noticed the same types of questions. So the doctor thought it would be best to put together some F.A.Q’s… 

Q: What new technologies are we using?

A: Webster Ortho is constantly integrating new technology to our treatment like using nickel wires that are gentle on teeth and increases overall comfort throughout treatment.

Q: Is treatment different with children different than with adults?

A: YES. There is a difference is that when we treat children it gives us an opportunity to use growth patterns to enhance results of treatment. We have an opportunity to pull teeth and minimize potential problems.

Q: Can we offer treatment to a child that has baby teeth?

A: Although it is recommended that all children get checked as soon as the age 7. Not all children need treatment. However, the answer to this questions is. YES. Only some patients can be treated while having baby teeth. Dr. Webster is very selective and careful about who he recommends treatment. We can only determine treatment after initial consult. Also, Full Orthodontic treatment requires that all baby teeth are out.