So you’ve been thinking about getting braces for some time now and we’re sure that your curious! Can braces hurt my teeth? Do you think my gums bleed? How will my sleep at night? Will Braces Hurt My Teeth When I Get Them? Las Vegas Orthodontist

Questions are natural and if you are serious about changing your smile these questions should be on your mind. With so many advancements in technology these days that make orthodontic treatment much more comfortable.

  • Braces take about 2 hours to put on. The process will be a little uncomfortable having to lay there, but you shouldn’t feel any type of pain. Our team actually makes this the best part of the process. You will be smiling more than you will be worried.
  • You shouldn’t feel any pain during the procedure, however, your mouth may be a little sore a day or two after you have your procedure. Your braces may be a little uncomfortable until you get used to them?
  • Nothing over the counter meds (ibuprofen & aspirin) can’t fix. We still advise that you eat soft foods like mashed potatoes, macaroni, applesauce, etc. Our office will be sure to get you started with some orthodontic wax that you can use to prevent metal from rubbing in your mouth.

Most patients get used to your braces after a few weeks and just after 3-6 months you probably wouldn’t notice them there anymore.

If you already have braces and are feeling a little discomfort, we have discovered a few home remedies that work wonders!

  • Sea Salt Water Rinse – you don’t have to use sea salt just as long as it’s salt. You will want to use warm warmer (dissolves water faster). Mix a teaspoon of salt into a warm glass of water. The salt water will sooth your mouth and help heal damages from poky wires. We encourage you to do this 2-3 times a day.
  • Ice Cream – YES, we said Ice Cream! Or anything cold for that matter. 🙂 Coldness always help when dulling the pain

New braces, tooth pressure and mouth sores are no fun, but all is well. As you progress, you will occasionally feel discomfort. Life goes on as usual and smiles definitely shine brighter.