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Complex Orthodontic Treatments

Complex Orthodontics

Although we try to make things as simple as possible for our patients, sometimes there are instances that require a more complex orthodontic treatment. Before opening his practice in Las Vegas, Dr. Webster elected to receive 3 additional years of advanced training in orthodontics at the prestigious UCLA School of Dentistry and has treated thousands of patients during his career. Dr. Webster utilizes this extensive specialized training and his hands-on experience for treating all of these types of difficult cases which can include:

  1. The need to extract permanent teeth.
  2. Guiding impacted teeth into the mouth.
  3. Moving teeth to prepare them for dental bridges and/or implants.
  4. Placing TAD’s (Temporary Anchorage Devices or mini-implants).
  5. Gingival contouring (or gum removal) with laser therapy.
  6. Treatments involving jaw surgery.

Dr. Webster has received tons of praise by parents and his patients over the years as can be seen on his patient reviews page.

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