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What To Expect On Your First Visit

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Your first visit at Webster Orthodontics will not be like going to your dentist. We don’t use needles or drills for fillings, so you don’t have to worry. We want to make your initial consultation as comfortable, informative, and fun as possible. Thus, you can expect the following when coming to our office:

* Friendly staff greeting you as you walk in

* As you fill out the needed paperwork, you can enjoy coffee, hot chocolate, and/or bottled water in our lobby. Movies will also be playing, and there is also a kids area with toys and blocks to keep the little ones entertained.

* We’ll give you a tour of our awesome office, which includes:

  1. The Game Room (a ping-pong table, arcade game machine with 5000 games on it, and a massage chair with music blasting). Sometimes we have people come in off the street just to hang out in our Game Room.
  2. Sports-decorated walls with a Basketball Hoop in the back. Dr. Webster likes to play HORSE 🙂

The free consultation will include a review of the medical and dental history, photos and an x-ray of the mouth, and a thorough exam by Dr. Webster, and at the end, you will know exactly how much the treatment will cost.

For your convenience, we are usually able to put the braces on or start the Invisalign scan on the same day as the initial consultation. We don’t want to take your kids out of school more than needed and we don’t want you to take off work more than needed. We want to save you as much time as possible.

We will always check with your dentist before starting treatment to make sure cleanings are current and that there are no significant dental cavities or procedures that still need to be done. We also give all of our patients a special oral hygiene kit for braces and Invisalign and show you how to use it. We want to help you keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy during the course of the treatment.

After the braces are placed or the first Invisalign trays are delivered, we see our patients for adjustment appointments every 5-8 weeks. In the past, orthodontists frequently saw patients every 4 weeks, but because of our modern technology and Dr. Webster’s advanced training, we require less visits to produce that perfect smile you want. That means more time for you to take care of everything in your busy schedule.

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