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Kid Braces

At Webster Orthodontics, we do kid braces and we do them fun. We strive to make sure that your kids will not only get a beautiful smile that they will want to show off, but that their experience is also very comfortable, memorable and that they have a fun time at our office. Many parents tell us that their kids can’t wait for their next appointment with us because we make it a FUN TIME. We realize that each child is different so we will develop a treatment plan that is individual to his or her own personal needs and to your budget as well. Your child’s treatment will average about one to two years depending on the type of braces or Invisalign, after which we will fit your child with a retainer to make sure that their great results remain permanent.

Kids Braces in Las Vegas

Your child’s enjoyment and fun during this process is a major focus of ours as well. We will provide numerous ways for your kids to have a great time while at our office and look forward to their visits with us at our FUN OFFICE while we align their teeth. In addition, we don’t want to take away from your family’s busy schedule, so we only need to see them about every 6-8 weeks for their adjustment appointments. This way we can minimize the amount of time you and they are away from school, extracurricular activities, and/or your work. If you are worried about the cost of braces or Invisalign, please see our finances page. We are here to make sure your kids get a great, healthy smile without breaking the bank.


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