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Invisalign for Adults

Invisalign for Adults

Say good-bye to normal braces! With invisalign aligners, your smile is gradually corrected with clear aligners that are custom made to fit your teeth. These aligners are smooth, comfortable to wear, and removable. That means you can continue your normal lifestyle without having to make any changes at all. Everything’s the same – from brushing and flossing to eating whatever you would like.

Straightening your teeth with invisalign aligners is very easy! Each week, you will wear a new aligner until you achieve the beautiful smile that you have always wanted. Other invisalign providers may have you wear each aligner for more than one week at a time (sometimes 2-3 weeks per aligner). This plan may cause the aligners to get very dirty, smelly, and even unattractive. Because of our technology and Dr. Webster’s expertise with invisalign aligners, we are able to offer our patients aligners to be worn only one per week. After that one week, you just throw the old ones away and move on to a fresh set of aligners. Your aligners are always clean, smelling-good, and esthetic.

How are these custom aligners made? We use a 3-D digital scanner (Itero) to make a record of your mouth within minutes and with more accuracy than old-fashioned impressions. Being a “gagger” himself, Dr. Webster knows first-hand how uncomfortable those gooey impressions can be. So, wanting to avoid that terrible experience for his patients, he invested in this modern technology that produces aligners not only more comfortably but more accurately and quickly as well.

The best part of invisalign is that people don’t even notice that you are getting your teeth straightened during the process. Since the aligners are essentially invisible, you get a perfect smile without the “brace-face” look or comments from others.

What if I have something where I don’t want to wear my aligners – teaching a class, making a presentation, meeting with a client, going to a wedding, senior pictures, or other special occasion? No problemo – just take your aligners out during that time and put them back in when you’re finished. It’s that simple.

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