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Caring for Families in Las Vegas

At Webster Orthodontics, we love to meet new people and help everyone feel good, smile more, and feel confident. This positivity is not confined to the four walls of our practice. Dr. Webster and our team enjoy getting involved with community initiatives and events.

We’re always looking for suggestions for great causes or charities in the local area, so please drop us a line if you have any suggestions for a great community involvement project or charity.

We’re all family here in Las Vegas. Together we can make a lasting impact to those in our local communities.

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Let's Get Involved
Bringing our positive energy and outlook to the entire city!

Here are some of community activities, events, or fundraisers we are involved with:

  • Youth/School Athletic Teams
  • School Fundraisers and Activities
  • PTO Events
  • School Presentations about oral hygiene and how to prepare for college
  • Service Projects e.g. Dr. Webster made a donation that helped to provide 80 families with a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving
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