Crafting Your Orthodontic Journey: Personalization And Empowerment

Happy young woman holding a mouth with braces in one hand and a clear aligner in the other

While the basics of Invisalign®This link leads to Invisalign page and braces are pretty much the same, we at Webster Orthodontics understand every patient’s journey is unique.

Orthodontic treatment has undergone amazing advancements since the original metal braces—think new colors, materials, and methods for straightening your teeth.

Modern orthodontic care is faster, widely improved, and more comfortable than ever, allowing us to create customized plans for adults and children.

If you’re ready for a new smile, keep reading to explore the possibilities for your perfect orthodontic journey with Dr. Webster and our friendly staff.

The basics: What is orthodontic treatment?

Let’s look at what orthodontic treatment can do for patients today.

This dental specialty allows us to fix smiles through jaw positioning and teeth alignment.

At Webster Orthodontics, we have solutions for things like:

  • Early-stage orthodontics—to ensure proper growth alignment
  • Braces for all ages—it’s not just for teens and kids
  • Invisalign First
  • Invisalign for Teens
  • Invisalign for Adults

While you typically think of braces for kids and teensThis link leads to Braces for Kids page, modern orthodontics allows adults to achieve that beautiful smile they’ve always wanted.

Maybe you didn’t get braces as a child for whatever reason or have developed a misalignment issue as you age.

Guess what? We can fix that as well!

We can help children and teens correct misalignments early, boosting their confidence in any social situation and improving their oral health.

The different types of orthodontic treatment

The treatment you choose is based on your current oral health, your desired outcome, and your budget.

Braces, for instance, are the traditional approach for treating orthodontic problems.

Today’s treatment is phased and aims to save as many natural teeth as possible to give patients the most natural, full smile possible.

With braces, our dentist will use brackets connected to your teeth with a special dental glue.

Wires are then connected to the brackets to keep teeth more into their desired locations.

You may choose fun-colored brackets, standard metal, or even look into more discreet options, like clear braces.

On the other hand, Invisalign® consists of clear trays you place in your mouth that help to shift your teeth into the desired location.

Don’t worry; we’ll help you decide which option is right. For instance, you may feel self-conscious in a pair of metal braces.

Some conditions may require braces rather than Invisalign®.

Now you’ve found the right orthodontist

Dr. Webster and the team here in Las Vegas provide many ways for you and your kids to have a great time at our office and feel comfortable at each visit.

Orthodontic treatment is an investment of time (the average child’s treatment will take about 1-2 years), and you’ll want to ensure you are confident with your orthodontist.

Choosing someone local makes it convenient to keep your plan’s multiple visits, whichever option you select.

We know that your family is busy, and we schedule regular appointments about every 6-8 weeks for your convenience.

To help confirm your choice, we have provided some basic questions for you. However, if you want a more comprehensive list, just go to our FAQ page.

You could ask us:

  • What do we do to make you feel comfortable?
  • What do we offer on your first FREE consultation?
  • Do we offer flexible financing?
  • What sets us apart from the rest?

While our specialty at Webster Orthodontics is providing state-of-the-art orthodontic care, our primary goal is to make you feel special during each visit.

Our aim is for you to experience the Webster Orthodontics difference:

  • A warm and friendly environment
  • High-quality care and comfort for your family
  • A visit designed just for you
  • Life-changing outcomes

You can even book a virtual consultation with Dr. Webster if that’s more convenient for you.

What to expect during orthodontic treatment?

Happy patient in a dentist chair because he received a personalized approach to orthodontic care

Every orthodontic journey is different.

You may have had a friend who completed their braces treatment in two years. Yours, however, may only take six months.

Individualized treatment is critical for the best outcomes in orthodontic care, whether you choose braces or Invisalign.

We’ll provide a free consultation to talk about your goals and do an assessment. This typically involves the following:

  • Taking records
  • Asking questions
  • Receiving patient information & medical history
  • Being provided with a rough treatment plan
  • Reviewing insurance and payment options

Following this, whether you opt for braces or aligners, subsequent visits for adjustments and progress evaluations are essential.

Post-treatment care involves diligent oral hygiene practices and regular checkups, including wearing retainers to maintain the results.

How to care for your teeth after orthodontic treatment

Your orthodontic journey doesn’t end once you complete your treatment.

We’ll support you on your journey and beyond. We’ll ensure you have everything you need to care for your new smile and provide instructions on wearing your retainer.

You’ll want to make sure you are brushing, flossing, and eating healthy foods.

Keeping ongoing checkups is equally important in maintaining your smile and staying ahead of issues.

The bottom line 

Embarking on your orthodontic journey with us can lead to life-changing outcomes.

You’ll gain confidence and improve your oral health.

And the best part is we work with you every step of your process to supply you with tailored results.

We’re even there once you complete your treatment to help you maintain your beautiful new smile and healthy mouth!

We can’t stress enough that no two care plans are identical. Together, we carefully choose a treatment plan based on your situation.

Stop dreaming about a better smile and propel yourself closer to your smile goals by scheduling a consultation today!


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