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Why are DIY Braces dangerous for You?

Why are DIY Braces dangerous for You?

Recently there has been a trend in DIY braces. Many videos on YouTube and posts on Facebook have gone viral where teens have used binders and other stuff to bring their teeth together by closing the gap. While it may look easy and promising, it has far-reaching consequences, according to good Las Vegas orthodontists.

What are the Adverse Effects of DIY Braces?

The health of your teeth is best left to an orthodontic specialist. You should never try to straighten or move your teeth by yourself. Also, keep a watch on your kids so that they aren’t indulging in such activities. You really do not want the things discussed below to happen to yourself or anyone in your family!

The rubber band can get embedded in the gums while you sleep overnight. It will be very difficult to get them out. The binder may become loose, and you risk swallowing it. You can even face serious threats and breathing problems if it gets stuck in your throat or air passage. It can result in a permanent damage like a tooth loss requiring medical treatment with expenses of thousands of dollars.

The risk is greater for children as their teeth are in the formative stage. Even for braces, they have to wait until a certain age before they can get it. The trend is really sad and ends up costing you more than a treatment from a Las Vegas orthodontist. You should leave teeth shaping and straightening procedures only for the professionals in the medical field. Go in for good customized braces. Visit a good Las Vegas orthodontist today, and get rid of all your dental worries.

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